What is TruPass?

A TruPass is a monthly car wash plan that gives you unlimited monthly car washes (up to once a day) for a low monthly price. You pick the plan that’s right for you. For your convenience, your credit card will be charged every month on your anniversary date. The more you wash, the more you save.
It’s easy to sign up online (need to insert the link to integrate Online Transactions / Credit Card payment processing system in the text here) or at our location. First, select the wash plan that best suits you. Then, enter the credit or debit card you wish to pay with. Lastly, register your email and your car’s license plate number. That’s it! Have your license plate number ready.
You use a credit or debit card. The credit or debit card you used when you first signed up for your TruPass will be billed every 30 days from your anniversary date (the day you originally signed up) until you cancel.
Nope! We made it extra convenient. No windshield stickers, app, or special cards are needed. Your license plate is your TruPass. We use License Plate Recognition software to identify you as a TruPass member when you pull up to the car wash gate. When you pull up the gate will automatically open, and you’ll be on your way to a great wash.
We want this to be as easy as possible. With LPR no one needs to enter your vehicle to affix any kind of sticker to your windshield. Also, we’ve found it to be much more reliable.
You can wash up to once a day, every day of the week or as often as you like! The more you wash, the more you save!
We made it easy. When you purchase a TruPass Monthly Unlimited Plan online, your plan is immediately activated in our system. When you pull up to the car wash gate, our license plate recognition software automatically recognizes your vehicle and opens the gate. Your license plate works as your TruPass. No stickers are needed!
Your TruPass is good for one vehicle only. Each vehicle needs to have its own TruPass.